What We Do
as technology artists

“Crunch Cube was founded to create proven startup technology businesses using an innovative, efficient, and reproducible process.”

Our strengths, capabilities and background enable us to take ideas and turn them into real and thriving products and services. The most expensive and risky part of any technology startup is the initial development work. The work to actually create the solution, bring it to market and prove that it is viable is very difficult. Most startups burn through money and time with a very low probability that the idea will even be finished or result in a quality usable solution. We are experts in this process.

The Crunch Cube model results in the best incarnation of the idea through high quality first generation products and services. The model does not guarantee success but allows ideas to be proven without the pitfalls that lead to most startups failure. The process gives the ideas the best possibility for achieving the ideas potential by quickly bringing the idea to market and proving the business viability and profit potential. Ideas must be acted on quickly and the faster that and ideas is tested lowers the amount of initial capital are required or wasted.

The Crunch Cube model is a creative process that realize on the unique talents of our “Technology Artists”. The shear number of disciplines required to implement today's technology solutions is incredible. Our team has the experience, understanding, skill sets and technical curiosity needed to design, implement, deploy and maintain all modern technologies and platforms. We work in small creative teams, not sweatshops. We believe that lots of creative magic happens in the development process and foster innovation. There are not many qualified to be a Crunch Cube Technology Artists. Choosing the wrong technology staff is a common failure point for a great number of startups.

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